Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday in the Park Group Mixer

Yesterday we drove to Auburndale which is just before Lakeland to meet up with some fellow photographers. We've been friends with these gals for a couple of years now, and we all make an effort to get together about twice a year. Everyone brought their little cuties and it was fun and mayhem all over the place.

I grabbed a couple of quick shots of the other gal's babies but was mostly obsessed with my little man and adorable husband. After all of the hoopla, we all needed to cool down so we had some yummy ice cream. This was Dylan's first taste of ice cream and I think he is certainly hooked! He wouldn't let me take a bite of my own ice cream after he got a taste.


Ginger McCabe said...

So stinking cute! It was great to see you guys again!!
Had fun with everyone. you need to come back sometime, we still have never gotten that BBQ we have talked about!

Courtney Ortiz said...

Erica, these are great! Very colorful! Looks like you girls had a great time!

Brittany Miller said...

Love 'em. So cute. Great seeing you!